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mQuotient, Tanla's Content Management system (CMS), enables the monetization of rich media content in any format, be it text, images, audio clips or video files that can be uploaded, managed and distributed through an intuitive online interface.

With its modular system architecture, the CMS enables customers to select product features that best suit their needs. As a stand-alone product, it can be easily integrated into an existing billing system, online or mobile portal, or mobile value added services platform.

key features


Dynamic content upload and integration

mQuotient provides multiple options for content acquisition. Content can be uploaded either in Bulk or Single. Also to support a wider range of handsets, different files representing the same content item may be uploaded.

Automatic content rendering and device recognition

mQuotient takes care of delivery of content to the handset, letting the storefront implementers to concentrate more on what they are good at - marketing the content. Guidelines are provided for uploading right content.

Multiple storefront management

Virtual Storefronts can be created to support SMS, Web and WAP storefront implementations across different media channels.Content Pull APIs are used by the storefront implementers (website or WAP site owners) for accessing the content.

key benefits


Increased Revenues

Benefit from new revenue streams by creating new mobile content sales channels.

Increased Brand equity and loyalty

Expand your brand by delivering new services and content to your customers by differentiating yourself from the competition

Helps in earning royalties and payments with contract and licensing rules

Completely independent product and integrated with any of the existing billing systems, WAP portals and mobile value added services

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