Fastrack/ TXTCloud is a A2P messaging hub platform built to meet the growing needs of Telco's and enterprises while addressing the key issues of regulation and service delivery

Fastrack offers a robust core SMSC layer deployed within the carrier and controlled by a centralized SMS hub platform along with several enriched services like intelligent routing, Anti-spam, and Number Portability detection that enable Enterprises and Operators to take advantage of a wide range of market opportunities while managing user expectations.

key features



Core SMSC Platform is designed as First Delivery Attempt, which performs immediate delivery of messages without relying on the system’s Store & Forward technology or capacity. Capability to handle from 20 to 2000 SMS TPS with advanced routing facilities

Core Hub

Core HUB is the centralized hub station, which manages the entire core SMSCs deployed within carriers. It provides the single point entry into the messaging platform and manages all aspects of routing, retrial, and spam control, business/carrier rules, reporting /MIS and administration

Core Services

Core Services implements a comprehensive service delivery frame work which takes the guidance from best of the industry models including ITIL and eTOM. Framework includes standard processes, tools, metrics and robust system architectures

key benefits


Eliminate the need to interface with multiple enterprises

Fastrack becomes the single point interface between the Enterprises and the carrier, both technically and contractually.

Direct to Enterprise opportunities

Incremental revenues via operational efficiency and seamless integration with a multitude of Enterprises into the carrier network.


Intelligent routing helps ensure that messages get routed to the right carrier for on-Net delivery, resulting in fast and responsive delivery of SMS.

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