With Tanla's Games Club solution, mobile carriers and content publishers can create a gaming club which allows consumers to download all the games in the club for free and pay based on their usage. The Games Club portal offers flexi charging options like Try and buy, Daily/weekly/monthly subscription and many other innovative packaging options.

key features


Flexible pricing models and storefront integration

Create Games content based portals (Games Club, Game Station, Power Play etc.)

Multiple business & licensing models

Create multiple business & licensing models like: Try & Buy, Pay per Play, Pay for multiple sessions, time based rentals: buy for one week, one month etc., full purchase, subscription management (daily, weekly, monthly).

In-game storefront creation

The wrapped games facilitates up – selling (shop – in – shop) and cross – selling through in – game recommendations. These in – game recommendation provides its own storefront creation.

Convenient payment options

Capability of integrating with the operator billing platforms. SMS billing can used as fall back mechanism during absence of packet data connectivity in addition to online billing.

key benefits


Maximize revenues from an existing subscriber base by enabling flexible business models.

Create innovative subscription games portals, a flat – rate deal which would enable low – end users to download and play games without a purchase, and thus breaking the high – entry barrier on downloadable games

Reduces the dependency on the traditional operator portal and introduces new portals and new revenue streams

Drive usage from bottom of pyramid customers

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