Tanla offers telecom operators, TV channels and enterprises turnkey IVR solutions to roll out branded voice portals. These include the IVR platform, mobile applications, content and managed services that launch and operate revenue generating mobile voice portals.

key features


VXML Application

The application engine interprets VXML applications, and based on the events received from the State machine and the actions defined in the application, performs the call flow.

Content Management

The IVRS Platform supports a web based content management system. Content is organized in a hierarchical model, for applications and content


Tanla undertakes customization of the IVR platform as per the needs of the operator/service provider.

Alarm & Monitoring Tools

The IVR Platform System Alarm Monitoring application constantly checks the application, and sends out alerts instantly in case of any faults.

key benefits


Increased ARPU from a new subscriber service that can generate both recurring and download revenue

Reduced development and deployment costs by using standard-based, modular platforms and system

Reduced customer churn and increased loyalty by being a proactive operator who regularly offers new services to satisfy customer needs

Attract and retain today's youth and teen demographic

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