A smart alternative to capture revenue on uncompleted calls

Often subscribers are unable to receive calls. The reasons could be lack of network connectivity, personal or business reasons. Mobile operators require an effective call completion strategy to circumvent revenue leakages through lost calls. By notifying mobile subscribers of the calls they are missing when their phones are switched off or the network is unavailable, operators provide a higher quality of service, which increases callback rates and maximizes revenues.

key features


Built in SMSC

All notification SMS messages sent by Tanla MCA use the built – in SMS –MT engine. It prevents the mobile operator's SMSC from being overloaded with extra notification SMS – MT traffic.

Provisioning Interfaces

Supports SMS, USSD, Manual / Batch and web based provisioning from the subscriber end and for the operator end it supports HLR provisioning / default HLR provisioning and Telnet based HLR / SS7 based HLR provisioning.

A-Party Notification

If A – party is trying to reach B – party and the called party is not reachable, then the system has a capability to notify calling party once the called party is available back in the network.

key benefits


Increase ARPU and message revenue

The conversion of all missed calls into potential billable revenue increases ARPU. An additional revenue boost can be sought from the steady stream of Missed Call Alerts SMS traffic

Reduce churn through increased customer experience

Provides transparency around all calls made to a subscriber’s handset and facilitates call screening, leading to increased customer satisfaction

Improve productivity for business users

Productivity is enhanced by keeping business users advised of all calls made to their handsets when they are out of reach.

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