Tanla's Short Message Service Center (SMSC) seamlessly handles ever-increasing volumes of person-to-person (P2P) and application to person (A2P) messaging streams. The SMSC optimizes the network to cope with the complex and constantly evolving messaging needs of current and future users.

key features


MAP Support

Supports MAP 2 and 3 Versions and supports Multiple SMSC GTs i.e. Single Node – Multiple SMSC GTs

Universal Language support

Supports all languages, including the GSM and UCS2 character sets


Tanla's multi-threaded architecture supports hundreds of messages per second depending upon the content personalization and user preferences

Billing Interface

Tanla's SMSC solution provides flexible billing options to mobile network operators. For all SMS transactions CDRs are generated by SMSC gateway and written to billing log files in CDRs directory. Time interval for the billing log creation is configurable.

key benefits


New Revenue streams

Operators can drive SMS traffic by creating a broad range of subscriber offerings through content bundling, including operator-branded subscription services, on-demand content services, advertising and m-commerce

Easy connectivity

Standard interfaces to all popular SMS protocols, including SMPP and UCP makes it easy for operators to connect existing applications to the SMSC and launch new applications

Efficient delivery mechanism

The reliable message delivery mechanism supports multiple delivery modes and organizes message buffers based on available capacity and message criticality, thereby reducing the incidence of undelivered messages

Redundant systems

The redundant load-sharing system enables operators to distribute messages among participant nodes to guarantee continuous service availability and resume message transmission from the point of service interruption, shout it occur

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