Tanla's singing Audition solution is a mass-deployable innovative application built on Tanla InTune Platform that can effectively measure the singing output on multiple dimensions. With ever-rising viewer numbers for singing based reality shows, Singing Audition is just the solution for managing large auditions where contenders arrive by the thousands. Using Singing Audition solution one can benchmark against the original track and give an instantaneous scientific result.



Multi-dimensional judging parameters

Pitch, Voice control, Tempo and Note match

High precision tracking

1/1000th of cent on MIDI scale. This allows for precise tracking of pitch, note and tempo variations. It also helps in accurately modeling the modulation patterns of the singer

High speed analysis

250 concurrent users, 5 seconds response time

Graphical representation

Graphical representation of each song evaluation available thru web interface



Innovative service bundling

Operators can position this music-based product as an innovative, fun-filled service to enhance their VAS revenues

Broader target market

InTune is open to all age groups, geographies and levels of music quotient

Increased ARPU for mobile operators

"Think beyond" offering from tradition model of music downloads and subscriptions

Broadcasters value proposition

Broadcasters can use InTunes to broad base the participation in singing reality shows and thereby augment revenues.

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