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Email Solutions FAQS


E-mail is the most sought-after messaging channel for enterprises that send out message critical, content heavy & important customer communications on a regular basis. Tanla boasts of an email delivery infrastructure that is known for high availability and can truly scale for customers who intend to dispatch high volume traffic.


Integrate our business critical emailing solution with your application and delight your customers like never before. Whether it's one time password (OTP) for user verification, authentication request or critical updates to your customers, our emailing platform is the solution for your business.

OTP, Transactional alerts and Business Critical Messaging

Integrate our business-critical emailing solution with your application for OTP User Verification, authentication requests or sending out critical updates to customers.

Automated batch emails with attachment

Set up automated batch email processing with attachments/embedded media for managing invoices, statements, reports etc. with our dependable & fail-proof APIs with zero integration effort.

Promotional Campaigns

Schedule and send out advance email campaigns connecting with our rich GUI


Transport Layer Security (TLS), is a protocol that ensures privacy between communicating application and their users on the internet. When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message. To avoid increased identity thefts and security breaches Tanla has added this security indicator to its email services and can be leveraged by customers for ensuring secure email broadcasts. Mails without TLS Encryption can be caught by the ‘red pad lock’ that appears on opening the email.

Tanla’s Power APIs provide a range of seamless integration options for enterprises to email enable applications.


API based Integration is best suited for applications that are looking for comprehensive and firm integration. The API offers:

  • High throughput of over 3000 emails per second
  • High availability with two geographic data center redundancy.
  • Support for dynamic template for personalization of content.
  • Personalization of email headers including From Name, Reply To, From Email, Subject.
  • Support for sending multiple attachments.
  • Support for multiple campaign tracking tags enabling better reporting.
  • Real-time reporting dashboard


FTP based Integration is used by enterprise applications that are looking for batch based processes such as weekly or monthly email blasts with Large attachments for delivery:

  • Supports upto10 million emails in a single file with unique attachments.
  • No pre-configuration needed and easy integration
  • Tanla FTP / SFTP access for Trans/Promo campaigns
  • Support for plaintext email / HTML


SMTP Integration is best suited for application that are looking for straight forward integration with minimum scope for customization.

  • Supports all forms of SMTP connectivity.
  • All MIME objects are supported.
  • Support for sending multiple attachments.
  • Inclusion of custom headers and unique tracking ID.
  • Access to Reporting Dashboard on Panel.
  • Support for enabling open and click tracking.
  • Support for getting email status and other events over webhooks.
  • Built in redundancy for highest uptime.

Webhooks gives enterprise applications real-time feeds on every event that has occurred on the dispatched email.

Events Supported

  • Relay successful
  • Soft Bounce intimation
  • Hard Bounce Intimation
  • Email Open
  • Link clicked in email
  • Un-subscription call back
  • Spam Call back

Countdown Timer helps increase the effectiveness of your promotional offers by:

  • Increasing the conversion rate from limited-time promotional deals
  • Utilization of special promotional emails through embedded content with a countdown timer
  • Creating urgency through time-bound emails
  • Adapting in real time to context-based events (ex. A store alerting you to the end date of a sale currently going on)
  • Organizing timely events, promotions, and other special features in order to increase engagement with consumers

  • Dynamic Images increase the conversion rate from emails based on location and time (morning, midday, evening)
  • Boost the relevance of your emails by maximizing your subscriber’s attention
  • Help create timely and relevant ads to personalize the experience and offer tailored products/services to the consumer
  • Increase consumer interest and engagement with visually appealing imagery

  • Display different offers, deals, events, etc. based on the device
  • Increase the conversion rate from emails through images and content that can technologically adapt to specific devices
  • Increase adaptability of campaign by reaching out to multiple devices, therefore reaching a broader audience
  • Adjust image in real time by acclimating to specific dates, time zones, etc., to achieve a more personalized experience for the consumer

  • Offers, deals, events, and other information updated on the basis of location
  • Adjust events like deadlines and start dates of special promotions in real time
  • Adapt images to individualized factors such as time zones, dates, town/city, etc., on the go
  • Increase relevancy of campaign by using images more familiar to the consumer
  • Targeted ads based on geography as well as through social media and specific apps that utilize location-based technology

  • Live content update on Social Media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Live content update on Social Media platforms:
  • Integrate social media sites with ongoing, location-based services to increase personalization and relevance to consumers
  • Engage directly with consumers, as well as bloggers and other social media influencers to increase consumer trust, as well as the chance of future patronage
  • Utilize “live streaming” within a campaign to share videos or other content in real time, give a “behind-the-scenes” perspective to consumers, and to forge loyalty with target audience
  • Connectivity with social media users and other internet personalities increases the chance of campaign content going “viral,” and being digitally spread by like-minded consumers—at no cost to the company
  • Use “microcontent” or small-sized content, that immediately hooks the reader and helps them immediately scan the material, to generate consumer interest—and allow said content to be more easily spread across various social media platforms


For any event-triggered emails, email services, transactional gateways can be integrated for designing automation touchpoints and campaign flow. Various automation platform can be used which have campaign journey builder functionality by email marketing. Gamooga can manage this in an expertise way.

Without any manual intervention, if any enterprise wants to send communication through email marketing tools as per some pre-decided conditions, then best email automation platform is required for email providers

Email automation is essential in this era to enhance customer experience. It helps in increasing various aspects like acquisition, retention and nurturing the leads. Email marketing saves time in the long run. It’s a scalable way to communicate with your audience. email marketing platforms allows you to deeply personalize your messages and measure your results with ease. Lastly it nicely complements other marketing channels.

For any event-triggered emails, transactional gateways or email marketing software can be integrated. For designing email automation touchpoints and campaign flow, various email automation platform can be used which have campaign journey builder functionality.

For any event-triggered email marketing, transactional gateways can be integrated. For designing email automation touchpoints and campaign flow, various email automation platform can be used which have campaign journey builder functionality. Gamooga is of the best email automation platform to use.

Campaign managers developed by any Email Service provider can be used for bulk email marketing. Tanla bulk email marketing solution is highly capable of sending emails which may achieve high ROI.



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