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WhatsApp Business Platform


With a reach of 1.5 billion and counting globally, it is WhatsApp’s ambition to become the leading chat-app-partner of choice for enterprises. Businesses can use the platform to drive conversations, carry out transactions and send out notifications to their customers with ease. Add to that rich messaging features such as images, emojis, location and files and you have your customer’s attention. Connect with Tanla to take your business on WhatsApp.


Tanla’s advanced solution can easily interpret complex WhatsApp messages and help you to automate the conversation or direct the message to an agent.

Service Workflow

Drive conversational chatbots to gather information.

Integration API

Integrate your live systems to cater to customer needs.

Chat Interface

Provide live support to your customers instantly.

Knowledge Repository

Respond to your customers using AI.

BPA Manager

Automate processes with zero code development.

NLP Manager

Support free form conversations to interpret requests.


With the WhatsApp Business Platform, enterprises can create engaging customer experiences and steer a two-way conversation to their advantage in minutes.


Send out notifications eg. periodic account summary, policy expiry, delivery tracking information.


Carry out transactions such as travel bookings, rescheduling a delivery and account opening.


Retrieve account balance info, profile information, product warranty details, tracking services.


Help customers with “How to" questions, “I am unable to” concerns, “Can I” clarifications and much more.


Tanla Cloud Environment is highly secure, can be easily integrated into any application with the highest uptime level of 99.995% on the platform. We can easily manage content and user responses and help you reduce time to market to a substantial extent. With Tanla WhatsApp Cloud deployment you will achieve scale, reliability and simplification in leveraging WhatsApp for your business.

Typically, to enable WhatsApp setup on-premise, an enterprise needs to factor investments on hardware, people, development, uptime etc. Which all translates to higher ownership costs for enterprises; and they will have to go through a learning curve to attain the best of the capability. With Tanla’s Cloud deployment model all your worries are taken care of completely by Tanla and only the integration points have to be considered by your team.

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With Tanla's WhatsApp solution, you will be able to convert all your existing systems with WhatsApp interactivity messaging using our ConnectOne Solution. Tanla's intelligent rule engine will help build interactive responses for each request after executing business rules. The solution is built keeping business users in mind with little to no coding involved at your end. Some of the key features include are:

Zero development at your end.
Automatically enable existing application on WhatsApp.
Time to market is reduced substantially.
Faster roll out new of new streams on the fly with the business rule engine.
24/7 support to help you with any needs.
Support for HA for WhatsApp accessibility.


Onboarding the WhatsApp Business Platform without the right technology partner can be complicated and cumbersome. Tanla is a trusted WhatsApp Business solution partner, with the technical expertise and infrastructure that can help you to reach out to your customers with round the clock support. With about 2 decades of experience with cloud messaging services, you can rest assured that all your WhatsApp needs will be taken care of by Tanla.

Your time to market is significantly reduced as our team of experts can guide you round the clock and help you set-up without any hiccups. We can get your enterprise WhatsApp enabled in a matter of days and also provide readymade plugins and adapters to quickly integrate WhatsApp services with your business.

All WhatsApp technology skills will be supported by our technical team without any additional investment at your end. You will be trained, guided, and hand-held throughout the way just so that your adoption of WhatsApp is smooth and hassle free.

We have the architecture to support you at all times whether you opt to get onboard with our on-premise or cloud solution.

With experience of processing over a billion messages per day, you can be assured that our scalability design architecture has proven time and again for its reliability and flexibility. Our elastic infrastructure ensures that there is no downtime during unexpected spikes and is built for businesses at scale.

Reliability is a core value in which Tanla operates, all our services are ensured to perform in time due to our very strong monitoring processes. Tanla has one of the best NOC teams that operate 24/7 and measure metrices that matter for reliable services.

Tanla is known for security and Data privacy, we are one of the few in the industry who boast of an ISO certification for Security and Quality of service. Tanla also has third party security certifications on the security protocols followed ensuring that our customer data is secured in the best way possible. Tanla ensures all the data is encrypted in transit and at rest based on the complexities of keys clients provide, just to ensure that data is decrypted or read only by authorized personnel.

With best in class scalability, we provide auto upgrades and seamless maintenance with minimal downtime. We learn and share from the best practices that have proven to work for each industry. As a Tanla customer you leverage learning and free upgrades to your services.

BENEFITS OF WhatsApp Business Platform

With the option of rich media messaging you can notify, transact and converse with customers using WhatsApp’s many features showcased below.


Send and receive images (supports JPEG, PNG).


Send and receive audio (supports AAC, MP4, AMR, MPEG, OGG, OPUS).


Sharing documents just became easier. Upload or receive documents in PDF, DOC(X), PPT(x), XLS(x) formats.

Emojis and GIFs

Emote better with emojis and users can go one step further and share GIFs too.


Need to share relevant content outside of WhatsApp? Share URLs with or without a preview.


Maintain a WhatsApp event calendar – get updates on events sent and delivered.


Your customer needs to locate a store or branch? Share and receive locations of a Venue.

Rich Text Content

Besides messaging users in regional languages you can also display text in bold, italics and strikethrough.

When you set up a business account, you have to add a number, website and other details associated with your business that customers can easily access. This information has to be authorized by WhatsApp to verify the authenticity of the information. The Verified Business status is indicated with the prestigious green business verified icon that is testament to your authenticity. Tanla helps you attain this verified business symbol from WhatsApp so that your account is verified and authorized to send messages on behalf of your brand. Once your business is verified the Verified Name will be visible in the chat screens and chat list instead of the phone number, even if you do not have the number saved in the recipients address book.

WhatsApp values the privacy and security of customer data. Messages between WhatsApp users are protected with an end-to-end encryption protocol so that WhatsApp themselves and any third party cannot get access to the message. This is done using an encryption key that only the sender and receiver exchange. All types of WhatsApp messages, whether it is a group chat, or a file, are protected by this security protocol. For added security, WhatsApp users also have the option to verify keys and WhatsApp servers have no access to this data. WhatsApp does not store messages once they are delivered, all message data in the WhatsApp Cloud is transient.


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