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Easy international calling options with impeccable call management and budget tracking
Liberate International Calling
For large enterprises with massive, complex, hierarchical teams spread globally, or for small and medium enterprises with partners, operations and opportunities in various locations, the need for seamless, international communication is inevitable.

Boomering offers easy international calling options with impeccable call management and budget tracking. International bridge numbers and other destinations are always routed through the enterprise PRI, which would otherwise be made through the employees IOIP connections.
Manage Budgets
Centrally managed interface for admin to set budgets at corporate, Group/Project and individual levels
Restricted Access
White list and black list numbers and destinations to allow calls for registered numbers and destinations
Call Recording
Record calls and send through email
at the end of the call
Ease of Access
Access Boomering through IVR, Mobile App and SMS channels without International calling facility
Call Analytics
Access to detailed reports and track budgets by Department and project wise
Boomering can be accessed through IVR, Mobile App and SMS to make international calls and to connect International Conference Bridge without having ISD facility from anywhere any time.
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