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Our Purpose

We help Brands connect with People to create a great customer experience, and do so in a responsible manner

Our Vision

At Tanla, we aim to become the Global Number One - Partner of Choice for Enterprises to communicate with Customers - whilst remaining steadfast to our ethics and integrity, and our commitments to Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit.

Our Mission

Our mission, in Tanla, is to create the most Preferred, Innovative, Resilient, Secured, and Well-Governed platforms and solutions on Earth - where Brands/Enterprises can communicate with Customers.


We, at Tanla, commit to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and embed them in our five aspirations - Green Planet, Positive Workplace, Empowered Communities, Business Integrity and Information Security.

In FY2022, we have conducted a materiality assessment to identify and prioritize the most pressing issues for our internal and external stakeholders, that will impact our operations, products and brand perception over time. Primary and secondary surveys were conducted to identify the requirements of key stakeholders, including customers, investors and employees. We have also benchmarked our operations against leading peers across the sector to identify 10 material issues across the ESG pillars for sustainable development and plotted short, medium and long term goals towards our ESG journey as explained in this presentation."


Tanla is passionate about the triple bottom line and believes in transparently measuring, managing and reporting on sustainability initiatives. Some of the key aspects are quantified in our "Factbook" which serves as a ready reference for our stakeholders."