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SMS Firewall
Guard against unwanted SMS traffic before it enters the network
SMS Fraud — Telco Challenges
Tanla SMS Firewall is a robust telco grade platform that effectively plugs the loop holes in the telecom network for fraud and revenue leakage using advanced filtering capabilities
MSISDN Validation
Compare the source operator used for the transport of the message with the MSISDN

Velocity Thresholds
Set limits for maximum number of messages/minute that a Source MSISDN is allowed to originate
Keyword Detection
Identify ‘Key Words’ to scan in real-time

White/Black Lists
Allow or deny list of MSISDNs, SMSC node addresses and operators

Our Business-as-a-Service network ringfencing partnership provides a fully-managed end-to-end business operation for all our customers. We maintain industry standards, high-levels of security, resilient infrastructure and manage operations including invoicing, credit monitoring and collections, all resulting in increased productivity across the messaging business value chain.
Spam control
Block unsolicited SMS messages to a subscriber
Spoof control
Stop messages illegally using the SMSC of the client operator by manipulating the A-number
Fake Control
Messages where the addresses are manipulated
Block large amounts of messages to one or more destinations
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