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Geese Get IT!

Amidst the announcement and the excitement, I am penning down my thoughts that travelled along with me all these years, as they make sense very much at this point of time. These thoughts are the inspiration that I drew from the daily sight that we experience in the sky during sundown- The flock of Geese.

As a child, we might have heard many stories from our grandparents, friends and other family members that the flock is returning to roost after their search for food all day, but they never told us where their nests are. The question stayed with me unanswered till one fine day I read about their wonderful traits, which I am going to relate here with this acquisition.

With the read, I was left astonished knowing that we can build fortunes with management lessons that can be drew from a flock of geese. Then I asked myself, “Why can’t I be one of them?”. This very thought chased the goals of Tanla and here we are today, inviting the Karix family with a purpose of aspirations. Now that they felt one in Tanla, I am reminded of the adage “birds of like feather flock together and fly higher”. As we see, Karix joined our flock and we are destined to fly new heights.

We share common goals

As stated in our announcement, this strategic acquisition that we have done is to emerge as a global powerhouse for the enterprise cloud communications and this can be possible only with a company that shares common goals. Tanla’s strong telco partnerships and Karix’s enterprise selling expertise can help us swiftly fly to the farthest of the distance with great agility as the flock of geese.

We see it loud and clear

With this new addition to our family, our vision has become much wider and is set on the path ahead. Like the flock of geese, we can fly higher to gain great visibility, foreseeing all the opportunities upfront. In other words, as India’s pioneers in the cloud communication, we can stay connected and align ourselves with the new organizational objectives to be the Global leader.

We can do strategic shifts

Tanla as one entity has seen great times and downtimes too, but we as an organization never gave up. We went back to the drawing room with utmost confidence when stuck and drew the line towards success. Now with this historical acquisition of Karix, we can take smart actions quickly during any of the future challenges. We can support ourselves with the strategic shifts when required, again an inspiration from the flock of geese where the birds shift positions with in their V formation to travel far and long. Now that we have someone to accompany, we see an opportunity to adjust and get back into the right formation by leveraging the advantage of each other’s abilities.

We can recognize great talents

As we are heading towards the great times of our future, we will be building the empire of opportunities as part of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution. With the rapid advancements in the technology, we can identify the enthusiastic individuals that can contribute for the company’s growth and success. Like the flying geese honk to motivate the one in the front that drives the flock, we push the right talents in the front to drive the show. We never missed a chance to tap the right talents by rewards and recognitions that kept them motivated. Our motive was always to bring fresh ideas and efforts to life.

We can stay committed

As the two leaders share the common goals and energies, our aspirations become true and strong. Now we sense a strong purpose of our existence with new strategies, tactics, products, methodologies and so forth. Again, to draw inspiration from the flock, the young learns from the parents to continue their legacy. This needs a clear understanding and discipline to achieve success. With this commitment, we understand the Importance of Achieving Goals, Team Work, Sharing, Empathy and Encouragement.

With this piece of writing, I feel luxuriated by speaking my mind. On this note, I welcome the Karix family into the path of our future growth. And we are not stopping, Tanla is here to fly higher and stronger.