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Omni Channel
Customer - Centric Enterprise Communications: Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Channel
Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience
Today’s consumers access products and services through a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Being able to start interacting on one device and continue the experience on another is a typical example of a seamless and consistent customer experience. Tanla’s Omni channel platform overlays on existing legacy systems, enhances the customer experience, reduces total cost of ownership and enables faster time-to-market.
Broadcast your message over multiple channels at once to make sure your communication is read or heard as soon as possible
Preferred Device
Communicate to people on their preferred device. Define the preferred channel for each user so you can communicate everyone according to their preferences
Smart Orchestration
Connect each interaction across channels and touchpoints for a consistent, personalized journey. Design, manage and tune your journeys to maximize customer success
Tanla Omni Communication platform enables gapless changeover between communication channels for excellent customer journeys and an unsurpassed brand engagement using SMS, voice calls, push notifications, chat apps and email
One Experience
Single platform providing Omni channel capabilities (Messaging, Voice, Email, Push Notifications, and Chat)
API driven architecture across the channels to drive self-service and integration capabilities
Omni Designer
Graphical user interface for workflow management and monitoring
Anticipate customer behaviors with predictive marketing analytics
The Tanla Advantage

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