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Tanla offers dedicated A2P SMSC service that address the challenges of telco’s in
managing A2P messaging, with improved quality of service for enterprises.
Transform your SMS Infrastructure
Tanla’s SMS Center (SMSC) is a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering industry-leading SMS performance, which scales to any size deployment.
Designed and built in-house to conform to open standard protocols
With no 3rd party dependency, a carrier grade high-throughput SMSC dedicated for A2P SMS origination and termination

Scalable on-the-fly to handle large bursts

Linear scalable system - Link load/system load/capacity augumentation

Least cost best quality routing & delivery

Intelligent routing algorthim based on nature of SMS, quality, availability, and price

Our Business-as-a-Service A2P SMS partnership provides
a fully-managed end-to-end business operation for all our customers. We maintain industry standards, high-levels of security, resilient infrastructure and manage operations including invoicing, credit monitoring and collections, all resulting in increased productivity across the messaging business value chain.
Service Configuration
Fully automated service configuration system for customer on-boarding and compliance management.
Intelligent/ Priority Routing
Routing allocation based on price, quality, nature of message and availability.
Credit Management
Configure credits based on the account classification.
Retry Configuration
Network level triggers to reach the subscriber at the right time and deliver the messages sequentially, based on priority.
DND Filters
Online DND filters for promotional messages.
Template Manager
Pre-approved templates with two level approval process.
Virtual HLR
Submit messages only to active members of the network.
MNP Manager
Clarity on the MNP status of the subscriber to determine the right network for delivery.
Multi-Part Messages
New algorithm to ensure delivery of all parts of the messages in quick succession so that the receiver receives the message in a readable format.
Online CDR
Real-time CDR availability for all the traffic processed through Tanla SMSC.
Message Monitoring & Controlling
Keyword-based filter to block messages.
Reporting & Analytics
Key performance metrics and detailed QoS metrics.
The Tanla Advantage

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We own our products & solutions and have no third-party dependency to adapt to this changing world.


Bringing you the highest deliverability at the lowest latency. Experience a 99.95% uptime SLA made possible with automated failover and Zero-maintenance windows.


We currently process more than 7 billion messages per month, our platform can scale to your needs, no matter how big you get.

No Shenanigans

No hidden costs and pay-as-you-go pricing, 24/7 support, and the freedom to scale up or down without contracts.
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