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Aravind Viswanathan

Chief Financial Officer

Aravind is the CFO of Tanla Platforms Limited, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, specialising in Finance, from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He's had a successful career in finance, marked by leadership roles and innovative financial management. Starting as a Business Finance Manager at Wipro Limited, Aravind climbed the ranks over nearly two decades.

At Wipro, a leading global IT company, he managed various financial operations, contributing to its significant market presence. As CFO, Aravind excels in financial strategy, including areas like business finance, treasury, financial planning, and investor relations. He is skilled in deal structuring, improving margins, forecasting, and M&A integration.

He is also known for enhancing cash flow management, establishing strong processes and compliance, and effectively managing investor relations. Talent management is a key focus for him. Aravind is committed to customer success and stakeholder value. His leadership and financial expertise drive Tanla's growth and profitability, positioning the company as an industry leader amidst global financial challenges.