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Pooja Palviya

Chief Human Resources Officer

Pooja Palviya is the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Tanla Platforms with a 22+ years of experience in Human Resources, marked by significant contributions and transformative leadership in various esteemed organisations. Her tenure at GE Money Servicing as an HR Manager set the stage for her ascent in the HR field, where she honed her skills in talent management and organisational development. Moving on to NTT DATA Corporation, Pooja took on the role of Manager - Talent Acquisition, showcasing her expertise in identifying and nurturing top talent, a critical component of organisational growth and success.

The breadth of her experience further expanded during her time at Kony Inc, where she ascended from the role of Manager to Vice President in a span of seven years, further solidifying her status as a transformative leader. Pooja's journey then led her to HighRadius, where, as Vice President of People & Culture, she implemented innovative HR strategies that significantly enhanced the company's culture and employee engagement. She is passionate about digitizing HR processes and her commitment to excellence is exemplified by her Lean and Six Sigma certifications. She has been recognised among the Top 100 HR leaders by the India World HRD Congress for her contributions to the field, in her current role at Tanla Platforms.

Pooja is renowned for her forward-thinking approach to digitising HR processes. Pooja's approach to HR is characterised by a blend of strategic vision and a passion for creating a nurturing and innovative workplace culture. Her focus on mentorship for young leaders underscores her commitment to developing the next generation of business leaders. With her extensive experience and visionary leadership, Pooja is poised to drive Tanla Platforms towards groundbreaking advancements in human resources, fostering a workplace that is not only productive but also supportive and conducive to continuous learning and growth.