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A Day in the Life of a Tanla Developer

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In the age of digital transformation, developers are leading the charge at Tanla. Between powering our drive for constant innovation, managing deadlines, handling the upkeep of our enterprise-level solutions, and collaborating to find solutions for complex challenges, life as a Tanla developer is always eventful.

We sat down with one of our most diligent developers, Akhil Sagar Reddy Prathapaneni to chat about his experience at Tanla and get a glimpse into his workdays.

The journey and what he does here

Akhil joined us almost a year ago. When speaking about his role at the company, Akhil says “I work on reporting campaigns. As a recent addition to the team, I have been working on building reports for WhatsApp and Google Messaging.” Akhil’s team creates detailed campaign reports for our clients which contain analytics for a number of campaigns generated, messages sent to specific users, button click metrics, deliverability, and read receipts.

A day in the life of a developer

Speaking about a typical day at work, Akhil says “My day literally begins with coding. I wake up, turn on my laptop and start coding. At around 11 am, we have a scrum call where we discuss regular updates – What issues are we currently facing? Which tickets are yet to be released? How many tickets are in QA? After this call, we focus on the requirements that need to be completed on the same day. I also get on a call with freshers in my team to help them with certain issues they might be facing.”

He continues “Most of my time is spent on analysis. Even features that may look simple require a lot of analysis. For example, a simple campaign that analyses the number of times each of the 3 buttons on a UI was clicked also requires consideration of whether the users for each button click are the same or unique. We have to think about which code fits perfectly for it.”

Dealing with challenges

Bugs, emergency deployments, brainstorming, feature requests, and impromptu problem solving are synonymous with a developer’s experience. When speaking about the challenges he has to overcome as a developer, Akhil says “A lot of times, a requirement comes in, we build the reports and deliver it to the client. But the client will have some feedback on it, so we’ll have to work on the reports again. Usually, this second cycle of building reports is much shorter so things can get tricky.”

Stronger together

We have always emphasized a strong sense of collaboration, communication, and synergy in the work culture at Tanla.

Akhil says “I honestly feel my team is one of the best teams at Tanla. We coordinate very well. If I have some issues that I’m not able to solve, I can ask my teammates and colleagues for help without hesitation. Our managers are equally approachable and supportive whenever we need any help. As a team, we make sure that nobody is working under too much pressure. We keep the atmosphere light and make jokes to let off a little steam. This helps us stay calm in stressful situations.

Akhil mentions, “Anybody who works efficiently at Tanla will see complete growth. You will be appreciated, and your work will be recognized no matter how big or small your contribution was. Every email and development work is commended by our Director, Arun Rao and it really motivates us to perform better. At Tanla, it is quite easy to speak to the higher management. Even with other stakeholders in the team, the communication flow is very easy.”

A perennial learner’s mindset

Continuous improvement is key to our work ethos and overall philosophy at Tanla. It is why we have been able to develop game-changing solutions like Wisely and Trubloq. We encourage each member of Team Tanla to learn, improve and ascend the skill ladder.

When asked about how life has changed since joining Tanla, Akhil says “Tanla has given me the platform to explore and learn new things in a very short amount of time. My work got recognized and contributions have been cherished.”

It gives us great joy to see talent like Akhil flourish in their role at Tanla. He has contributed significantly to the leaps we have made as a company in recent times and we look forward to sharing more such conversations from the trenches!