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How Tanla is Changing Its Customer Service Narrative to Benefit Customers & Directly Impact Bottom Line

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We at Tanla are in the business of delivering digital platforms for trusted customer experiences, hence providing the best of customer experience became imperative for an organization like ours.

A few years back we decided to increase the efficiency of our customer experience team by merging our Project management, TAM & customer service teams to create a new team – Customer Success. We efficiently combined the best people from different departments and work towards the singular goal of customer satisfaction.

Win by focusing on customer convenience

Ankur Singh is a Tanla veteran who has been with the company for 15+ years. He drives PM teams to meet SLAs, while constantly setting up high standards of SLAs for customer onboarding. He takes every challenge head on, and ensures engineering, QA & system teams are constantly upping their game to meet customer requirements. “We ensure that whatever the customer asks for, is delivered on time whether its double the volume MOM or the most stringent of targets. Just last year when we were to go live with our DLT platform on 1st April, our team ensured that 90% of our traffic passed through successfully in the first attempt itself.” Ankur and his team ensured that within the first three days of implementing the DLT guidelines, all campaigns for all the clients at Tanla would pass through successfully – ensuring business uptime and no delays for their customers.

Citing another example of his team’s focus, Ankur says “We handheld our customers for WhatsApp implementations, suggested new use cases, ensured they were able to utilize unlimited tiers to execute as many campaigns as they wanted with help from our teams.”

Beating timelines and setting new levels of customer service

Vishal Shinde has been at Karix for more than 11 years now. From the time Vishal took over as TAM, he has successfully onboarded close to 30 customers on Tanla’s blockchain-based DLT platform – Trubloq.

Vishal and his team worked relentlessly during the DLT implementation; he says: “A lot of customers were struggling with customer template registration. Most vendors took 24 - 48 hours to get the templates approved but at Tanla we were able to do it within 2 - 3 hours.”

Empowering employees creates happy customers

Shobhika Singh has recently joined Tanla platforms in the customer success team and is already making her presence count. Emphasizing about how even as a new employee she has been empowered by the organization to run her own show, she says, “Tanla provides tremendous autonomy to its CS team where we are free to strategize, conceptualize & implement things. This level of confidence in the team & handholding from the management has been a driving factor in ensuring great performance. Apart from this, the on-spot awards and the Rewards & Recognition programme driven internally ensures employee motivation and satisfaction.”

Align organizational culture

Dayanand Sawant has been a champion of customer success for over 11 years at Tanla. Currently an Associate Director in Project Management, he is the link between the customers and Tanla’s back-end teams. He believes that true customer satisfaction can only happen when the entire organisation is aligned to the common goal. “We work a lot with cross functional teams and there is equal commitment & support from all teams to ensure we deliver the best to our customers.”

Adding on, Ankur Singh says “We started weekly calls with the sales teams & engineering teams to ensure all issues are resolved. We started QBRs with our customers to ensure customer satisfaction and understand their pain points that can be addressed by the engineering teams. Working together ascertained that we are impacting bottom lines directly while ensuring the best customer experience.”

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