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Key Challenges in Unlocking the Disruptive Value of CPAAS

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The way the world communicates has transformed the last year. Always-on customers are driving expectations and companies are increasingly striving to meet these exponential changes in a customer-centric way. There is a rising need for elasticity, seamless connectivity and omnichannel commercial communication. As a solution, Communications-Platform-As-A-Service (CPaaS) offerings are fueling the shift to a modern digital platform, enabling companies to meet evolving customer needs.

The CPaaS market is growing at an incredible pace and creating next-gen enterprise communication. IDC estimates that CPaaS will become a $17.2 billion business by 2023. However, the flipside that comes with the CPaaS boom, are challenges like phishing attacks, fraud, complex connectivity, operational inefficiencies and more. Companies are losing millions and unable to maximise the power of cloud-based commercial communication.

Security risks

With the pandemic edging on, there has been a 7x increase in spear-phishing attacks. CPaaS platforms that lack encryption are a target for malicious content, and companies are at risk of sending phishing, smishing, voice abuse and spam. This data breach can heavily tarnish a company's image, and get the business to land in the blacklisted dump.

The paradox of trust

Grey routes and SIM farms continue to blight CPaaS platforms. This means, messages can pass through unsecured routes and expose personal data to the wrong hands. A Mobilesquared forecast revealed that grey route traffic has increased and costs the CPaaS ecosystem billions of dollars in revenue leakage every year.

Low quality stacks

Many CPaaS offerings don't provide a full communication capability stack (voice, video and messaging). When companies need to integrate new capabilities, they approach multiple vendors. This cobbled together stack usually lacks quality and requires more work to develop and manage applications. Whereas stacks that a single vendor builds from the ground up, are more reliable than mashed stacks with an incohesive architecture.

Connectivity issues

CPaaS offerings use multiple aggregators to get the necessary coverage for customers. This means, messages may take longer, suboptimal routes to get from point one to point two, when using aggregators. These connectivity issues can muddy the waters when it comes to quality and coverage, thereby squandering message deliverability time.

CPaaS is a powerful business enabler. From mitigating security risks with end-to-end encryption to delivering multiple communications services through a single API, CPaaS is poised to meet evolving communication needs and smoothen the customer experience like never before.

Service providers and enterprises are running neck-and-neck to leverage the CPaaS advantage. However, the aforementioned challenges are creating a massive roadblock for companies to tap into the disruptive value of CPaaS. It's pertinent to choose the right CPaaS platform that address major challenges existing in the commercial communications ecosystem, whether it's to perpetually deliver trusted customer experience or create a strong presence in the market.

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