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Top 6 Reasons the Demand for A2P Messaging Services is Steadily Increasing Across the Globe

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The demand for A2P SMS is skyrocketing since businesses are increasing their reliance on digital channels to communicate with customers. Studies indicates that the Global A2P Messaging Market size is expected to reach $62 billion by 2023, rising at an annual growth rate of 9.2%. With the digital landscape shifting at a rapid pace, it’s pertinent for companies to have a communication channel that can navigate these fluxes.

Companies are increasingly recognising A2P SMS as an invaluable marketing tool. Here are the top 5 reasons the demand for A2P SMS is rising across the globe.

1) Better customer engagement

A2P messaging services are helping companies world over engage with customers, especially during these critical times when in-person contact is decreasing. Whether a company wants to send one-way communication or bi-directional communication to create dialogue with multiple customers, A2P platforms deliver personalised messages at scale.

2) More effective than emails

There’s an evergreen demand for text messages. According to Gartner study, text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate compared to emails with 20% and 6% rates respectively. People also read and react to text messages much quicker, which works great if companies want to send time-sensitive alerts.

3) Built to scale

A2P messages maximises customer reach for global scalability. Top A2P service providers process billions of messages in a month, proving that companies can scale A2P platforms according to business needs if the technology is well supported for multiple integration.

4) Fast delivery

The best A2P service providers provide direct connections to mobile network operators without any intermediaries. The low latency and high throughput rates enable messages reach to reach customers in a short period of time, making A2P messaging highly reliable.

5) Safety

Plain texts are not encrypted and can fall prey to middle-men-attacks. Whereas A2P messaging providers use SMS firewalls to block unsolicited routes and ensure that the traffic is diverted through approved channels only.

6) More bang for the buck

A2P SMS is one of the most affording marketing channels. As the A2P messaging space is getting increasingly competitive, service providers are integrating cutting-edge technology to deliver improved quality of service for companies at cost-effective rates.