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Trubloq - The World's First Blockchain-enabled Commercial Communication Stack DLT Platform

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The world’s first blockchain-enabled commercial communication stack is making waves in the enterprise commercial communications sector. Tanla Platforms Limited, India’s largest cloud communication solutions provider, has built “Trubloq”, a scalable carrier-grade communication stack solution packed with next-gen capabilities. The powerful platform uses the most advanced technologies including blockchain, cryptography, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a safe, trustworthy ecosystem.

In the last 1 year, Tanla onboarded more than 34,000 enterprises with Trubloq. The blockchain-based platform currently processes around 65% of A2P traffic in India, topping more than 1 billion interactions in a single day recently. Trubloq is the largest use case for blockchain technology in the world.

What is unsolicited commercial communication?

Any form of commercial communication that is sent to customers without their consent or is unaligned with customer preferences is termed as ‘Unsolicited Commercial Communication’ (UCC). Today, UCC is a popular medium for committing various white-collar crimes such as credit card frauds, identity theft, bank frauds, and data privacy breaches in addition to routine spams.

The unsolicited commercial communication challenge

Unsolicited commercial communications are invading customer space and duping customers into falling prey to fraudulent activities. The emergence of novel technologies like automated or robocalls, sophisticated phishing and spoofing techniques are threatening the global messaging ecosystem.

Spammers are coming up with new techniques to exploit network vulnerabilities, while regulators across the globe continue to augment regulatory frameworks and create a more robust landscape to safeguard customer interests and curb unsolicited commercial communication. Integrating an impenetrable tech architecture is the only way to counter technologically advanced attacks.

The Trubloq solution

With an aim to protect user information and the integrity of the telecom sector, Trubloq ensures that all commercial communication is safe from fraud and is delivered on time to customers, without delays.

Trubloq integrates Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to prevent data tampering and other security threats, keeping consumer data secure. All communications that pass through Trubloq are secured by end-to-end message encryption. Integrated with AI and ML capabilities, the platform eliminates phishing and other fraudulent activities.

Built in accordance with government regulatory protocol

To enforce the new regulations, the government has now turned to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) a block-chain based registration system. The Trubloq DLT platform ensures government regulatory compliance to curb unsolicited commercial communication, while allowing innovation in the market. The solution is created to empower users to block spam and assert fine-grained control over commercial communication, enabling enterprises to build trusted customer relationships in the long-haul.

Trubloq scrubs text messages and OTPs that enterprises send and compares them against pre-registered templates to verify the authenticity of the messages. Telemarketers who wish to reach out to potential customers must first register on the platform. For enterprises, pre-registering their messaging templates builds trust with the system, thus ensuring that customers only receive authentic communication.

What is DLT registration?

Enterprises that want to send commercial communication like promotional messages or voice calls to their customers must first register on the DLT platform, according to government regulations. Through an easy registration process, enterprises can establish their identity and build trusted customer relationships.

The regulations primarily mandate the following through DLT:

  • Step 1: Registering entities that send commercial communication on the DLT platform, to establish trust in the ecosystem
  • Step 2: Categorising message headers into promotional, transactional, service explicit, and service implicit on the DLT platform
  • Step 3: Registering all message content templates on the DLT platform before sending them to customers
  • Step 4: Giving consumers an opt-out option with details on how to unsubscribe from any commercial communication. Registering customer preference and consent templates on the DLT platform

Additionally, the National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) and National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) is a national data base containing a list of the telephone numbers of all subscribers who have registered their preferences regarding receiving commercial communications. DLT refers to this registry to ensure compliance with the government regulations.

The importance of DLT in safeguarding the ecosystem

  • DLT prioritises customer consent and privacy, thereby maintaining sustained communication transparency
  • Information is stored on distributed ledgers. This means, the technology maintains digital records and eliminates voice or written consents, thereby strengthening traceability
  • DLT is making way for a more customer centric environment, wherein customer needs and information security are critically important
  • At its core, the significance of having a resilient regulation is to clean the commercial communication ecosystem and ensure customer convenience. DLT whitelists critical elements, further securing customer information

Trubloq DLT key features

  • Cutting-edge security features: Eliminate unregistered telemarketers using Honeypots, Cognitive computing and AI & ML
  • Rich user interface: User friendly interface for customers to record their consents, preferences, complaints; telemarketers and enterprises to register themselves and their headers and templates
  • Rapid complaint redressal: Customers can easily file their complaints and grievances and in turn receive timely resolution
  • Audit trail availability: Robust registration process and immutable recording on the blocks creates an audit trail for future references
  • Scrubbing rulesets: Prioritises customers consents and preferences, while ensuring message delivery occurs for registered entities on the basis of registered headers in registered content templates

Where data scrubbing comes into the picture?

The government regulations requires scrubbing of SMS content before delivery. This means, the DLT platform matches SMS content with pre-registered templates that entities registers on blockchain. If the SMS content does not match the pre-registered templates, the telcos block messages.

What happens to entities that don’t complete DLT registration?

Enterprises that fail to register on the DLT platform will become non-compliant to the regulations and will not be allowed to send any commercial communications to customer. Unverified and unregistered SMS messages will be blocked. Telco providers will notify entities that don’t comply with the regulations. Failing which, the entities will be barred from sending bulk communication using telecom resources.

Who is Trubloq designed for?

  • Access providers who need continuous, reliable unsolicited commercial communication protection compliance and rich customer experience
  • Businesses who believe that the biggest threat comes not from the competition but from the ability to win and sustain consumer trust
  • Telemarketers who want to build sustainable business, nurturing their license to operate and grow
  • Mobile users who want to take control of their messaging and voice communications
  • Regulators who want to combat the widespread problem of unsolicited commercial communication, and protect user information, as well as the integrity of the telecom sector.

What’s in it for the stakeholders?

Trubloq is user friendly and a universally applicable solution that promotes a collaborative ecosystem. The platform envisions to channelise government regulation towards creating a holistic and cooperative environment among stakeholders. Trubloq’s interoperability and transparent compliance to the regulation enables a consistent omni-channel experience that benefits stakeholders.

Trubloq enables businesses to build trusted relationships and enhance customer experience

  • Designed for trust across ecosystem to safeguard users from fraudulent communication. Trubloq enriches the end-user experience through comprehensive content verification.
  • Zero tolerance to data privacy and security. Trubloq has a robust mechanism to ensure customer data consent and preferences.
  • Built for interoperability. Engineered for universal compatibility with both legacy and ledger-based blockchain protocols.
  • Ensure all commercial communications are directed only through registered telemarketers.

The way forward

Trubloq is enriching customer experiences and creating an ecosystem of trust in commercial communication. The universally applicable solution is helping to channelise the goals of the government mandated regulations that promote a holistic and cooperative environment among stakeholders.

With the platform operating at full efficiency and delivering incredible results, Trubloq is poised to create new benchmarks in this space.

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