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What Motivates Employees to Stay at Tanla?

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Venkata Papi Reddy Konda, ubiquitously KP to friends and colleagues, is one of the veterans at Tanla. As Vice President, Technology – Engineering and Products, he is among those who proactively advances the innovation agenda for the company. In this conversation, he shares his thoughts on his journey on his association with Tanla and why it feels like being at home in the company.

1) You have been a Tanlaite for 15 years now. What made you  stay with Tanla for so long ?

For anyone looking to excel in their career, Tanla Platforms is the place to be. Besides being given an opportunity to work on new technological trends, we are encouraged to think outside the box and create innovative solutions to problems. Whether you are a leader or a mid- level management employee, there is equal opportunity for everyone to grow if you display the characteristics the company wants – hard work and commitment. In this company, there is no time lost in identifying, rewarding, and retaining talent.

2) How would you describe your association with Tanla?

My decade and a half association with Tanla has been extremely rewarding professionally and personally. I have had many occasions for career development and some lasting friendship I have been able to nurture make me want to work for Tanla over and over. The little pats of encouragement, celebration of small victories and a personal bond with the senior management and the sensitivity of being cared are memories that I will always hold dear. Being here is a home away from home.

3) How has your career progressed over the years at Tanla and what would be a few milestones that would want to recall fondly?

I joined Tanla in 2006 as a Technical Architect to build IVR solutions and IP TV for the company. From then on, I am very proud to say that I have the rare distinction of being associated with most products that Tanla has to offer today. From building the SMS Hubs for telcos to handle international termination to upgrading the Linux system to ensure our SMSC handles huge volumes, from conceptualizing and implementing Trubloq, the world’s biggest blockchain solution, to creating a platform like Wisely that disrupted the CPaaS domain, I have had the both the pleasure and opportunity to stay associated with them. From handling 10 and 20 million transactions in a year, to our platform now handling 1 billion transactions a day, it has been a roller coaster ride.

4) In what ways has Tanla contributed to you personally?

In the past 15 years, I must say that I have never had to worry about a tomorrow. I was hired as Technical Architect to develop products and today, I am the Vice President, Technology- Engineering and Products. I did not have to look for an opportunity outside of Tanla because I was appreciated, my efforts were recognized periodically through appropriate monetary benefits, and I thoroughly enjoyed coming to work every single day. I have a sense of personal belonging even today as I continue to work towards putting Tanla on the international map.

5) Tanla is regarded as India’s largest CPaaS provider today. What is your aspiration for Tanla in years ahead and how do you see yourself contributing to realize the aspiration you stated?

I want to see Tanla as a leader in the global CPaaS domain. And I am sure this distinction is quite near in the foreseeable future.  With Wisely, we have disrupted the CPaaS platform and in my view, it is the finest piece of technology providing privacy and security in commercial communication. As I gear myself to continue building the best customer experience, I would like every customer associated with us to say it aloud that every penny spent on Wisely is worth its weight in gold.