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From Vaccines to Vaccination: Saving 100 crore+ lives

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From Vaccines to Vaccination: Saving 100 crore+ lives

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Crisis and Consequence – The COVID-19 Problem in India

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic appeared to be an insurmountable challenge, straining healthcare systems, the economy, and society. India’s high population density and diverse socio-economic landscape led the virus to spread rampantly, infecting millions of Indians and causing 7 million fatalities. 

With the second wave fuelling the severity of this crisis, the challenge of effectively administering vaccinations loomed large. The government recognised the need for a robust technological infrastructure to contain this problem, where the world’s largest vaccination program would require reliable communication channels while meeting all technical demands. 

Empowering India’s Vaccination Efforts 

During a critical phase of the pandemic, we at Tanla Platforms understood the responsibility incumbent upon us to support India's vaccination drive, which aimed to administer 100 crore+ vaccine doses as swiftly as possible. 

To facilitate the dissemination of OTPs for vaccine registration, we leveraged our advanced Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), leading to:

  • Average delivery rates of over 99% 
  • Average latency of <1 second
  • Seamless communication between CoWIN and citizens, ensuring swift and smooth vaccine registration and documentation

In addition to supporting the vaccination drive, our technology platform facilitated links that allowed citizens to easily view vaccination certificates through the National Informatics Centre.

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We also leveraged intelligent location-based services to drive awareness of COVID-related information, educate citizens on safety measures, and highlight lockdown schedules. Finally, Tanla contributed to citizen engagement initiatives by enabling real-time OTP authentication for sign-ups on the Arogya Setu app, boosting the Government’s Digital India endeavours. 

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Delivering Crucial Messages at Scale

Tanla’s powerful Wisely platform, equipped with best-in-class delivery rates and minimal latency, served as the communication backbone of the vaccination drive, delivering OTPs for registration, post-vaccination feedback notification, crucial communications and other services.

The platform’s scalability and agility were on display, as it deftly handled billions of messages and transactions, processing 30,000 vaccination transactions per second.

We also collaborated with the National Informatics Centre to develop an Outbound Dialling (OBD) feedback mechanism to handle citizen feedback post-vaccination. This mechanism leveraging a dedicated short code catered to 200 Mn requests, enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of the CoWIN portal.

We’re proud of the unwavering commitment we demonstrated in building vital connections and ensuring communication access, in India’s time of need. As a key player in the fight against COVID-19, we made it a priority to drive the government's digital initiatives and citizen engagement efforts. As the government's most significant ally when it mattered most, Tanla's collaboration is proof of a drive for impactful social change, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to weave a stronger societal fabric. 

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Sources: CoWIN Portal, PM Keynote address at the 5th edition of VivaTech and Internal research 

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