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Flying High: India's Top Airline's Journey to Customer Delight with WhatsApp

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Customer Experience
Promotional Campaign
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Flying High: India's Top Airline's Journey to Customer Delight with WhatsApp

Business Messaging
Customer Experience
Promotional Campaign


lower CPI compared to other app install campaigns


increase in Click to Install Ratio compared to other acquisition channels


Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) from the install campaign


increase in conversions, specifically compared to other acquisition channels.

The client is India's largest and most preferred passenger airline and is among the fastest-growing airlines in the world.

The client adheres to a simple philosophy: offering affordable fares, ensuring on-time flights, and providing a courteous and hassle-free travel experience across its unparalleled network. The airline demonstrates that low cost does not mean low quality. With a fleet of over 320 aircraft, the Airlines company operates more than 1,900 daily flights, connecting over 110 destinations, including 32 international locations. Last year, the airline welcomed over 85 million customers on board. The client boasts an industry-leading on-time performance and one of the highest customer NPS in the Indian market. The airline will continue to extend its scope by spreading its wings internationally, evolving from a domestic carrier to a global aviation giant.

Uplifting passengers in the air and their hearts

The airlines’ unwavering commitment to continuous improvement underscored the importance of gathering valuable feedback from its extensive customer base. To maintain its reputation for excellence and address the evolving needs of its passengers, the client recognized the necessity of a user-friendly solution that would streamline the feedback process and enhance passenger convenience. This solution was not only essential for refining their services but also for ensuring that customers' voices were heard and acted upon.

In addition to their focus on feedback, the company aimed to elevate the adoption of their mobile app, recognizing its potential to significantly enhance the travel experience. Achieving this goal required a robust and strategic approach to promote app downloads and effectively engage users. By increasing app adoption, client could provide passengers with seamless access to real-time flight information, easy booking options, and personalized notifications, thereby enriching their overall travel experience. The dual objectives of improving feedback mechanisms and boosting mobile app usage were pivotal in client's strategy to maintain its industry leadership and continue delivering top-notch service to its customers.

Redefining Customer Connection through WhatsApp

Tanla Platforms Limited, in collaboration with the client, successfully integrated WhatsApp Business API into client's customer communication channels. This seamless integration enabled the automated dispatch of post-flight messages through WhatsApp, inviting passengers to effortlessly share their valuable feedback and suggestions.

Streamlined Feedback Process

The convenience and simplicity of using WhatsApp for feedback resonated positively with passengers, resulting in a significant increase in response rates. This provided the client with more extensive and nuanced insights, significantly boosting their commitment to service enhancement through a streamlined and user-friendly feedback process.

Triumph in Brand Communication

Leveraging the dynamic capabilities of WhatsApp, the airlines client launched persuasive promotional campaigns to encourage users to download their mobile app. These campaigns, featuring exclusive discounts and enticing offers, attracted a large number of users, driving enthusiastic app adoption. The client also utilized the WhatsApp Business API for special occasions, such as their anniversary celebrations. During these events, the airline launched limited-time promotions exclusively through WhatsApp, demonstrating the platform's versatility and effectiveness across diverse engagement scenarios.

Sky-High Engagement

In just 19 days, the client achieved an astounding 46,000 app downloads, surpassing their initial expectations. This remarkable achievement underscored the unparalleled potency of WhatsApp as a promotional channel for the airline.

Moreover, within just two days, the anniversary campaign executed on WhatsApp led to impressive 24X7 flight bookings. This rapid and substantial impact highlighted the immediate effectiveness of WhatsApp as a promotional channel for driving tangible outcomes.

These results illuminate the profound influence of leveraging WhatsApp as a comprehensive tool, not only for effortlessly gathering feedback but also for orchestrating impactful promotional campaigns that deliver tangible and immediate results.

In just 19 days, the airlines company achieved an astounding 46,000 app downloads, far exceeding their initial expectations and showcasing the formidable power of WhatsApp as a promotional channel. Additionally, within a mere two days, the anniversary campaign resulted in 24X7 flight bookings, highlighting the immediate and significant impact of WhatsApp on driving tangible results.

These impressive metrics underscore the effectiveness of WhatsApp in enhancing customer engagement, driving app adoption, and boosting conversion rates, making it an invaluable tool for the client's promotional strategies.

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