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Wisely - Reimagining a platform-of-platforms for digital interactions

Single API
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Wisely - Reimagining a platform-of-platforms for digital interactions

Single API
Gen AI
E2E Encryption


Increase in conversions


Reduction in effective CAC


Reduction in digital interactions spend


Protection from scam and spam

Diverse Problems in the Digital Interactions Landscape

In the bustling communication landscape, customers, enterprises, telcos, and regulatory bodies navigate a complex web of challenges. 2 in 3 people globally complain about unwanted and unsolicited communications, with customers even having to deal with data privacy threats and poor quality of service. 

Enterprises grapple with fragmented platforms leading to inefficiencies, high customer churn, and an opaque view of marketing impacts. This sometimes requires more than 15 person - days per month for report creation. The absence of cross-channel optimisation has also led to a less than 1% CTR in most cases. Furthermore, approximately 8% of budgets are sacrificed to address data leaks.

Telcos are caught in a bind over ~15% revenue losses due to counterfeit activities and fierce competition from new-age channels. Meanwhile, channels and partners face around 50% of disputable settlements that require reconciliation. These issues highlight the need for an intelligent, unified platform.


Our Single API-led Unified Platform to Deliver Distinctive Impact

Recognising these hurdles, Tanla identified the need for a unified platform to empower users, address enterprise challenges, and support channel partners. Tanla's platform of platforms, Wisely serves as an intelligent conduit, uniting disparate digital interactions into a singular, API-led ecosystem while prioritising customer privacy, security, and experience.

The platform's impact since introduction has been profound for both users and enterprises:

  • Enterprise Transformation: Wisely's unified platform is built on the principles of 4Cs - Conversion, Cost, Compliance and Convenience. It enhances marketing campaign efficacy, boosts conversions and cuts communication costs by 15-20%, while leading to a CAC reduction of 60-70%. The transparent, auditable messaging framework fosters 100% compliance, as well as scalability. The platform offers convenience and operational excellence with its best-in-class, always-available, and frictionless modular system that requires only a one-time integration.
  • Customer Empowerment: Wisely is also driven by the 3P approach - Protection, Preference and Performance. It offers customers real-time protection from spam and scams, reducing unsolicited communications. The platform ensures privacy and safeguards user preferences, while delivering performance with user-centric features such as offering one-touch discoverability and easy retrievability.


Wisely has transformed the global communication landscape with its core platform modules, including end-to-end encryption, marketplace, and an intelligence layer, among others. By serving a diverse global clientele and catering to different buying centres, Wisely empowers risk, compliance, growth, and even marketing teams, to make a remarkable impact.

One Platform to Unify the Entire Ecosystem

Tanla's solution emerged from a visionary perspective, recognising the need for a singular platform that tackles the inefficiencies of the communication ecosystem. 

Here's how Wisely distinguishes itself:

  • End-to-end Encryption: Working in tandem with Microsoft's Redmont Research Institute, Tanla developed a robust patented encryption mechanism, ensuring messages are encrypted at the enterprise level and decrypted only at the operator's end, preventing data breaches.
  • Unified Architecture: Access multiple suppliers and a comprehensive suite of omnichannel communication through a single API. Platform’s unified architecture is designed to route messages optimally across channels, minimising integration efforts and enhancing customer touchpoints. It also streamlines partner onboarding, management, and maintenance for increased efficiency.
  • Wise Albert (Intelligence layer): Our platform integrates Generative AI at its core to amplify the impact of our offerings. This foundational technology enhances our intelligence capabilities, maximising ROI across omnichannel strategies by utilising proprietary algorithms for precise user targeting and innovative content creation.
  • Scalability and Advanced Analytics: The platform boasts of formidable scalability in message throughput, with a centralised analytics engine that employs AI and ML. This enables enterprises to anticipate demand and extract meaningful insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Operational Excellence: With enterprise-grade reliability (99.99% uptime) and low-latency configurations, Wisely ensures uninterrupted service delivery.
  • Ecosystem Collaboration: Recognising the collaborative nature of digital security, Tanla has fostered partnerships across the tech landscape, including OTT platforms and takedown services, to construct a unified front against digital threats.


Through meticulous research and development, continuous engagement with stakeholders, and a dedication to innovation, Tanla has not only created a product in Wisely but also championed a movement towards a more secure, efficient, and connected digital interactions ecosystem.

Sources: Expert Conversations (Former VP Cloud & Infra modernization - Leading Global Tech Services Player, Head Digital Transformation - Leading Private Indian Bank, Former Director of Loans and Structured Trade Finance - Leading Global Bank, and more), Maureen Data Systems reports and Internal research

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