Tanla announced “Wisely ATP Spotlight” – an innovative citizen protection portal to fight against online scams

Hyderabad, India, 27 Feb 2024: Tanla India’s leading CPaaS provider announced Wisely ATP Spotlight to protect billions of users worldwide. This innovative citizen protection bot empowers individuals to easily identify and avoid online scams, fostering a safer digital environment for everyone.

Phishing has become a significant global challenge, with over 90% of total cyber-attacks involving it and more than 350-400 million scams reported in 2023 - causing a staggering loss of USD 60 billion. In India, online threats are also on the rise with widespread reach, eroding user trust in digital systems.  

Wisely ATP Spotlight rises to the challenge with its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge AI/ML technology. Users can now directly investigate any suspicious messages, receiving a clear verdict on their legitimacy and safeguarding themselves from potential harm.

The chatbot leverages intelligence from Wisely ATP, our flagship platform in combating SMS phishing. ATP comprises of three proprietary, patent pending engines, powered with cutting-edge technologies such as CNN, NLP, LLM, deep learning, and web of trust. These engines comprehensively evaluate all aspects of SMS traffic, including sender reputation, message patterns, and call-to-action, to proactively identify threats in the rapidly evolving phishing landscape.

"At Tanla, we are committed to empowering consumers and enabling companies to thrive in a secure and trustworthy digital environment. The launch of Wisely ATP Spotlight marks a significant step forward in this mission. By providing users with this powerful bot to assess the legitimacy of suspicious messages, we are putting the power back in their hands.” said Uday Reddy, Chairman, Founder and CEO of Tanla Platforms.

"Gone are the days of uncertainty surrounding illegitimate messages. With Wisely ATP Spotlight, users have an intuitive bot at their fingertips to instantly identify any message as a scam and make informed decisions. This not only boosts user confidence and trust but also strengthens the entire digital ecosystem by making it harder for scammers to prey on victims." said Praveen Reddy Narra, Senior Director, Product of Tanla Platforms.

About Tanla

Tanla transforms the way the world collaborates and communicates through innovative CPaaS solutions. Founded in 1999, it was the first company to develop and deploy A2P SMSC in India. Today, as one of the world’s largest CPaaS players, it processes more than 800 billion interactions annually and about 63% of India’s A2P SMS traffic is processed through Trubloq, making it the world’s largest Blockchain use case. Wisely, our patented enterprise grade platform offers private, secure, and trusted experiences for enterprises and mobile carriers. Tanla Platforms Limited is headquartered in Hyderabad. Tanla is listed on two national exchanges, the NSE and BSE, (NSE: TANLA; BSE:532790) and included in prestigious indices such as the Nifty 500 and BSE 500, Nifty Digital Index, FTSE Russell and MSCI.