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How Trubloq is Solving the Unsolicited Communication Crisis

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Many customers are inundated with unsolicited commercial communication that they’ve subscribed to surreptitiously without their knowledge. Phishing attacks, fraudulent messages and spam calls are on the rise and people risk exposing sensitive data to third parties. According to a Truecaller report, users blocked 31.3 Billion spam calls last year alone.

No Spam, No Fraud, Yes Privacy

As a move to nip unsolicited commercial communication in the bud, the government introduced a slew of stringent regulatory frameworks aimed at regulating unsolicited commercial communication in India. The regulation mandates the registration of senders, message headers, customer preferences, message and voice content templates. This optimised system brings immense transparency in every transaction and drastically improves the customer complaint management and redressal system.

To enforce the regulations, the government implemented Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a block-chain based registration system to make communication more traceable and secure. The convergence of emerging technology with the existing regulatory landscape has the potential to significantly mitigate fraudulent instances and data privacy breaches.

How Trubloq is solving the unsolicited commercial communication crisis

Trubloq is a blockchain-based DLT platform, built in accordance with government regulations to curb unsolicited commercial communication. The platform is designed for trust, to build a more transparent and safer ecosystem for communication. With the best in class regulated framework, Trubloq eliminates phishing and other fraudulent activities through comprehensive mechanism and content verification.

Entity Ledger

All senders must register their businesses on the DLT platform. The DLT entity ledger holds the data of all the principal entities who use messaging and voice as a medium to reach mobile users. Unregistered entities are eliminated using Honey pots, Cognitive Computing and AI & ML technology.

Header Ledger

Headers establish the sender’s identity for better brand recall and reinforces trust. Using the appropriate headers will help customers segregate different types of messages like OTP's/offers/alerts/service requests and prevent promotional messages deliberately mixing into the transactional stream.

Consent Ledger

Trubloq stores user consents (opt-in/opt-out details) in a safe manner in the DLT. The platform offers multiple channels with best-in-class user experience for enterprises to acquire consent from mobile users.

Consent Template Ledger

Trubloq enables entities to register multiple consent templates with a clearly defined 'scope of consent'. Each consent template has a unique reference number against which the consent is stored.

Content Template Ledger

Content templates are the actual message that are delivered to customers. Trubloq provides a robust facility for enterprises to register content templates. Every SMS content will be verified before it is delivered to customers.

Complaints Ledger

Trubloq supports multiple access channels for compliant registration. The platform leverages complex algorithms combined with new age technology to resolve customer complaints on real time basis, thus enhancing customer experience as well comply to regulations.

Preference Ledger

User preferences are stored securely in the DLT ecosystem to ensure high level of data privacy and security.


Trubloq provides a comprehensive scrubbing-as-a-service solution and is flexible to suit the operator requirements as per the Codes of Practice defined by telecom operators.

Fundamentally, Trubloq restricts unregistered entities that promote unsolicited commercial communication, thereby increasing the efficiency of the value chain and enabling businesses to build trusted relationships with customers.

Meet regulatory requirements while allowing innovation in the market with Trubloq, the world’s first blockchain enabled commercial communication stack: