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Why Trusted Communication is the Need of the Hour

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The pandemic has fast-tracked digital adoption. With the onset of rapid digitization, customers prefer interacting with trusted organisations that don’t inundate them with unsolicited communication. This shift in consumer behaviour has forced organisations to transform the way they communicate with customers. Organisations are discovering that fostering trust among customers is a significant goal today, here’s why.

Rising frauds are threatening customer safety

Organisations that are not credible can get blacklisted, whether it’s because of spear-phishing attacks or frauds. Customers risk compromising data when messages lack end-to-end encryption. A study reveals that 22% data breaches involved stolen customer credentials. Commercial communication requires robust data privacy and security to ensure zero frauds.

Lack of personalisation is impacting customer engagement

Customers receive generic spam communication that could impact an organisation’s brand image. The absence of personalised communication inhibits customers from engaging with organisations. The look and tone of the communication are major trust drivers. It’s pertinent to leverage cutting edge technology to meet evolving communication requirements and target customers with the most impactful communication.

Shortfalls in transparency is affecting customer uncertainty

Customers want to work with honest organisations that are straight forward in explaining processes, sharing information and providing regular updates. Providing enhanced quality of service and advanced capabilities is a great way to keep organisations in the know-how and overcome uncertainty.

Today’s customers want advanced protection of consumer data, transparency and personalised communication from organisations. An intelligent, secure and transparent CPaaS provides a seamless customer experience and builds trust in the ecosystem.  

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