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Trubloq - Raising the bar on spam prevention

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Trubloq - Raising the bar on spam prevention

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Unravelling the Communication Conundrum

In the sprawling landscape of India, boasting over a billion mobile subscribers, the telecommunications sector has evolved into the primary conduit for businesses to engage with their customers. However, this reliance on business communications has led to a significant surge in Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC), commonly known as spam. 

Despite well-intentioned regulatory efforts, including the establishment of a "Do Not Disturb" (DND) directory, spam has remained a pervasive issue. By July 2018, the overall customer complaints had surpassed 2 million, catapulting India into the top 20 nations dealing with spam - an average of 61 spam SMS received per user per month.

This problem is prevalent across the globe, with Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries like the UAE and Indonesia being most affected in their respective regions. It highlighted the need for an effective solution to combat spam - one that ensured customer privacy and satisfaction.


Impact of the World’s Largest Blockchain Use Case - 60% Spam Reduction

Trubloq had a profound impact in minimising spam and improving the telecommunications ecosystem:

  • Spam Reduction: Achieved a 60% reduction in spam messages per user, significantly enhancing user experience and cutting unwanted communications.
  • Compliance Achievement: Ensured 100% compliance for telecom operators and enterprises with regulatory requirements, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in adhering to legal standards.
  • Telco Buy-in: In India, 3 out of 4 top telcos in India adopted Trubloq - VIL, BSNL and Airtel.
  • Enterprise Buy-in: Served over 50,000 enterprises to foster a healthier communication environment, establishing trusted relationships between businesses and consumers.
  • Global Expansion: Due to its effectiveness in combatting spam, UAE’s telecom regulator welcomed Trubloq in 2020, leading to a strategic implementation across both telcos in the region - Du and Etisalat.


Unlocking Success Against Spam - A Different Approach

The journey to Trubloq's triumph was marked by a series of strategic steps and innovations that helped shape the communication ecosystem:

  • Deep Tech Innovation:
    - It all started with developing Trubloq - seamlessly combining superior blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, for robust content verification and scrubbing.
    - Utilising cognitive computing, honey-pots, AI/ML to identify and eliminate unregistered telemarketers.
    - Leveraging Gen AI for frictionless template, entity, and CTA registration, with significant TAT reduction by over 80%.
  • Ecosystem Engagement:
    - Building consensus among key stakeholders through extensive consultations with telecom players, enterprises, regulators, and aggregators.
    - Conducting market research with Nielsen to gain insights into customer expectations and pain points.
    - Clarifying any compliance and technical aspects of regulations, with guidance from telecom regulators. We focused on being the first-to-market via a solution aligned with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulatory requirements.
    - Collaborating with industry experts to build a comprehensive code of practice, while integrating best-in-class technology.
  • Operational Excellence and Compliance:
    - Extensive planning for data migration, while creating a secure sandbox for operational and compliance checks, to ensure a smooth transition towards the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform.
    - In Q3 FY24, Trubloq processed over 90 Bn+ messages with 99% messages processed in <1.5 seconds.

  • Global Expansion:
    - Deployed across both telcos in UAE to combat spam – Du & Etisalat.


Dr. R.S. Sharma Quote

Through these efforts, Tanla not only addressed the objectives set by regulators but also created a co-regulatory DLT environment that effectively curbs spam, demonstrating the company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the telecommunications sector. 

Sources: Tanla Thought Leadership Whitepaper – Empowering Choices (2019), Truecaller Insights report (2018),  Nielsen survey results, Expert conversations with industry leaders

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