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About Tanla
Enabling Cloud Communications for People and Things.
Messaging, Voice & IOT

We at Tanla Platforms Limited (formerly known as Tanla Solutions Limited) started our journey as the new millennium set in with a small group of mobile messaging experts, with base in Hyderabad, India, to create a world-class messaging service.

From 2000 till now, we have come a long way. Today, we are proud to have achieved global leadership in our domain as one of the largest Cloud Communication providers in the world.

We are innovating the way world communicates, continuously raising the bar through enhanced speed, ease and simplicity of our Cloud solutions. Over the years, we have developed and delivered cutting-edge technology and products which meet the discerning needs of a diverse clientele, from enterprises to carriers across geographies.

The standards we have set are industry-defying, difficult to surpass even by us. But then, that’s what we do best, beating us at our own game.

Tanla is a public limited company listed on leading Indian stock exchanges (BSE CODE:532790 and NSE:TANLA).

Our Values

Strong shared values create strong teams. Team Tanla is bound by a set of six common values that deliver best experiences for employees and customers alike.

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